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Why Use Qwizzy's World

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Qwizzing

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Did you know that the amount of time it takes for students to do homework and study has nearly tripled in the last 15 years? Using Qwizzy’s World can help reduce quiz studying time!

Getting started on QW need not be intimidating or overwhelming. Through the assistance of Wilson the Whiz Kid, a tutorial developed to guide users through QW, you’ll become a whiz at creating your own quizzes in a very short time. When creating a quiz, enter the information just once and save valuable time! Your quiz is then available for multiple taking, and studying becomes a breeze. Just keep in mind – once entered, always stored! And students who create their own quizzes get the added benefit of studying while entering their test material.
As parents, you can enjoy significant time savings when your children use QW. Your involvement can be as much or as little as you like. The fact is, once quizzes are entered, students study independently, and the need for flash cards and verbal quizzing disappears! In addition, your children will become self-sufficient at studying, because eventually they will be entering all their quizzes on their own.

For long-term time management, the Ultimate Quiz feature allows you to easily and quickly combine past quizzes into one to study for mid-term and final exams.
Nearly 60% of all students suffer from some form of test anxiety. Additionally, there is a negative correlation between test anxiety and test performance: high anxiety results in lower test results. Qwizzy’s World gives students the opportunity to repeatedly take their own randomized practice quizzes to prepare for in-class testing, helping reduce “day of” test taking anxiety.

Once a quiz is entered, the ability to take the same quiz repeatedly and randomized, enables students to get comfortable with the quiz taking process. It’s amazing how naturally this will happen, and students will become more familiar and confident with their test material. The essence of QW is to make test taking more natural for students, eventually making classroom test taking simply routine.

Self-confidence is one of the cornerstones of productive test taking. A high level of self-confidence lowers test anxiety and can lead to improved test results.
Scholastic defines critical thinking as “knowing how to think, not what to think” (2007). Categorizing and classifying information and finding patterns are suggestions Scholastic offers to increase students’ critical thinking capabilities. Using Qwizzy’s World regularly can help your student do just that!

The Wilson the Whiz Kid tutorial offers helpful hints for organizing your study materials and finding patterns among them. The ability to create questions in all formats -- multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, true/false, open-ended -- helps students think about the information they need to know in different ways. The student is not only taught what they need to study, but also how to study it.
THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP when studying is to gather and organize your study materials. This may sound easy, but very often, it is not. Qwizzy’s World has developed a tutorial that will walk you through this process - see Wilson the Whiz Kid for assistance!

Teachers present information to students in many different ways, including articles, notes, chapter reading, movies, vocabulary, spelling words, power point presentations and many others. A test is really just a summary of all of this information put into a formal format – developed to determine just how much a student has learned. Being able to organize these materials in the correct way, students gain the advantage of being well prepared for test taking!
Once your materials are organized and you begin entering the information into QW as quiz questions, you’ll have that information stored as long as you wish. It’s like having a personalized online file system for your notes!

We know creating your own questions can be tough at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll discover how easy it becomes and what a great tool it is for organizing your study materials. Again, you can visit Wilson the Whiz Kid for help whenever you need it.
It’s no secret that today’s families are extremely busy. Often time spent studying together can cause stress and frustration between parents and students. By initially working together to develop practice quizzes in Qwizzy’s World, you’ll find that study time can actually be fun and rewarding!

Create a QW quiz once and it’s available for randomized taking anytime! By repeatedly taking QW practice quizzes, students naturally build their self-confidence and will look forward to the simplicity of studying with Qwizzy. Studying on QW is not only a great time saver, but is an excellent way for families to reconnect - transforming study time to an entertaining one for all!
  • Randomization of quizzes promotes true learning of test material rather than mere memorization.
  • QW is a great tool for preparing students for standardized tests for National Competency. Check out the special section for creating specific "Reading Comprehension" quizzes.
  • Quizzes are stored as long as you are a member of Qwizzy’s World and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Parents, teachers, and tutors can instantly measure a student’s success when using QW as a study tool.
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