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What people are saying about Qwizzy's World:

"I love using Qwizzy's World! Ever since I started using it, I have made better grades on my test. I'm really glad that I was introduced to this website because I was having trouble studying for my test. I did try and use flashcards and create my own test, but it just didn't seem to help me like Qwizzy's World does. This website is just amazing and I really love it, it's made me have fun while studying. I really love Qwizzy's World!"
Danielle E., 7th Grade Student

"You're making believers out of my parents and struggling students! I have one student who scored a 47% on his Federal Constitution attempt and after using your site for one week scored an 82%. Another went from 43% to 72% to 91% on her attempts. I have seen others' grades jump 20-40% from their first attempts, when they really used the site correctly."
J. Viano, Teacher, Wilmington, Illinois

"My name is Pauline Ariondo and I have 2 boys. One is 11 and the other is 16. Prior to discovering your website, I would take my son's notes, quiz study guides and make my own tests to quiz them. It was very time consuming, but I got good results.

"About mid-year last year, I saw a program on TV that featured your site. We registered immediately and I have to tell you that it is amazing. I am able to still use the notes and reference material, but I have many options on how I want to quiz him!! Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to the new year and we plan to use your site a lot!"
Pauline Ariondo

"I love Qwizzy's World because the designer made it so quick and easy to learn how to create quizzes and study. It's simple for me to make practice quizzes and prepare and knowing I have the site is great for my next year in school (I'll be an 8th grader!)"
Logan W. - 7th Grader

"Qwizzy's World is an excellent study tool. My students that use it find studying to be more effective and enjoyable, and their extra effort is evident in their grades."
L. Rogers - 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

"Although, I have to say, I have always been blessed with kids that really want to learn...QW and CS has gotten that spark back for us! Sometimes it is hard to get started again in the fall and we had been feeling like we were in a bit of a rut (same old, same old every year...) so this is definitely a refreshing way to study! I love seeing their excitement about getting to class again. They are loving it and having fun learning!"
- Heather H., Homeschooling two children in 6th grade and 9th grade

"A site with a collection of tests in a data bank is already available for students to use. Please keep Qwizzy's World unique so students can learn not just what to study, but how to study."
- Bruce Hawkins, Principal of Beckville Sunset Elementary, Beckville, Texas

"I signed my 7th grade daughter up last Thursday and since then she has used QW everyday. She went from hating to study to spending well over an hour studying - because she's finding it FUN! She showed me the quizzes that she printed out last night and I'm now even more impressed with the program!"
- A. Fleeman, 4th grade teacher

"Using Qwizzy's World (QW) in my fifth grade classroom has been extremely useful. I have 30 students and QW enables me to differentiate according to each child's ability and learning style. We used it to review for the upcoming testing and I was able to have each child work in their weakest area along with reviewing all skills for the state test. Also, I am a mother of fifth and third grade boys and we have been using QW at home. I would recommend this strategy both as a parent and a teacher."
- A.E., 5th grade teacher and parent of 9 and 11 year old boys

"As an educator and parent of two school aged children I have found that using Qwizzy's World as a tool for test preparation has been phenomenal. It is so user friendly and the kids love entering their own quizzes alongside the characters. I use Qwizzy's World frequently in my classroom. It not only helps with test preparation but also with progress monitoring. Qwizzy's World is a great tool for my students that have language delays as it provides them an opportunity to work on organizing and identifying key information presented in the classroom and reviewing this information in a fun and exciting way. I would highly recommend Qwizzy's World to both parents and educators who are looking for a creative and more effective way to help their children become more successful in the classroom."
- Patricia Rice, Speech Language Pathologist, MS, CCC

"Qwizzy's World is very helpful for my students and I have seen an improvement in their grades on tests and quizzes. Students have told me that they can remember and learn more from studying with QW rather than traditional study methods. As a teacher, I like using QW in my classroom as a way to differentiate learning and it's a great tool for preparing students for the state mandated testing at the end of the school year!"
- A. Ingram, 8th grade Science

"Qwizzy's World is an awesome study tool for students! It not only builds self confidence, but helps ease testing jitters. Students and Teachers can also have great success with Qwizzy's World in the classroom. What is so refreshing about Qwizzy's World is its potential to fund education. Having been in the fundraising business for several years, I find this concept unique and innovative for the market place!"
- Jamie M.

"We started homeschooling our eleven year old daughter last year. The most difficult adjustment for me was creating tests and quizzes. Qwizzy's World has made my life so much easier this year. I just type in the information and the program takes care of all the formatting for me. It even allows me to print off study guides and provides answer keys so anyone can grade her work. I wish I had known about Qwizzy's World last year!"
- Thereasa, Homeschool Mother of 11 year old

"My kids love Qwizzy's World. The first time we used it was when she had a very difficult science test. The teacher said everyone did badly and he wanted everyone to retake the test. My daughter, 4th grade, only got a 56. We gave Qwizzy's a try and she scored a 91! This was such a confidence booster for her that we will use it for all future tests. My son, 8th grade, finds it extremely useful for language arts and social studies. Qwizzy's makes studying more fun with a "hands on" approach."
- Susan, Mother of 4th and 8th grader

"Qwizzy's World is the best... I love seeing 100% at the top of the page when I am done doing it (Jenna Bug.) Math is my favorite and I can do it all by myself. I get to do Qwizzy's before I go to bed. I like going to bed smart."
- Kenzie, 5 years old

"As a mom, I can see a great value in this, even for my 8th grader, who is ADHD and has processing problems. He loves the computer and if I can help him create the quizzes, then he can study more on his own. I have an 11th grader that might not be as thrilled with the "cutesy" concept, perhaps there's a way you can offer a choice of "themes," so that older kids won't be turned off. You've got something great...good luck to you!"
- Nicole, Mother of 8th and 11th grader

"At first creating our own quizzes was intimidating. Now we've discovered how simple it is, and WOW has it made studying fun and easy!"
- Karen, Mother of 9th Grader

"I'm more confident, more prepared, and less stressed now that I'm using Qwizzy. I'm ready for my in-school tests and have more time for golf and lacrosse!"
- Jake, 8th grade student

"I'm having great success with Qwizzy in my homeschooling. Both the kids and I enter quizzes and love the Ultimate Quiz and Buddyshare special features!"
- Sara, Homeschool Mother of 5th and 8th grader

"I joined Qwizzy's World in January of 2008, right after it was launched and it was great from the very beginning. I had always created tests and quizzes for my children using other applications, such as Word, etc. When I was introduced to Qwizzy, it made our study time a much better experience. Now with all the changes and updates to the website, it is that much better. My son LOVES it. He always tells me he needs to study and he must use the computer to get to Qwizzy. It is truly easy to use and so much fun for him - two great attributes. I have recommended Qwizzy to my friends and family.

Thanks Julie for such a wonderful product."
- Teresa, Mother of 5th grader
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